Q. How long do I have to book before a tour?

We need a minimum of 48 hours prior confirmation before the tour. But we suggest you book earlier as most of the time (weekends especially) we are fully booked days before. As for the track you booking the day before is fine.

Q. Can I come if I can't drive a manual / clutch motorcycle?

No, but we have a lesson's package which includes one ride in the trails that can must be completed within one month. You would need four (4) days to complete this package (starting from 3 lessons before the actual trail ride).

Q. Do I need a motorcycle license?

Preferably yes, but not compulsory. But you do need to know how to clutch a manual motorcycle relatively well. There will be short rides on public roads & its risks involved. The Waiver you would've signed puts you solely responsible for any eventualities as a result of this.

Q. Can I take a pillion rider?


Q. Can I come & join a tour with my own bike?

Yes. If you have a suitable bike & proper gear you can join existing tours (provided if they do not have specific requests to not allow anyone to join then) for the day or your mates who are renting from us. We charge MYR150.00 nett for half days & MYR200.00 nett for full days. As for the track it’s MYR20.00 per hour. Included are shared guide, meals, shower facilities, bike & gear wash. If you come with your own mates the ratio of guest bikes must not be greater than rental bikes. Other terms apply.

Q. What packages do you offer?

Please refer to our trail pages.

Q. What are your trail timings?

All our tours start at 0900hrs & end at : Half day Beginner 60km at 1330hrs. Half Day Intermediate 45km at 1400hrs. Full day Intermediate 90km at 1530hrs. Full day Advanced 100km at 1630hrs.

Q. What trail is suitable for me?

Mad Bastard Turbo Killer Trail - Half Day Beginner 60km for first time dirt bikers with decent experience on manual / clutch motorcycles.

Lake Coma Trail - Half day Novice 70km for first time dirt bikers with vast experience on manual / clutch motorcycles.

Battle Creek Brawl Trail - Half Day Intermediate 35km for experienced dirt bikers.

Rapid Fire Trail - Full day Intermediate 90km for experienced dirt bikers.

Valley of KingsTrail - Full day Advanced 80km for seasoned dirt bikers.

Q. Where does the tours start?

We set off directly from MotoManiac HQ.

Q. How often are your tours?

We have no set days. We go out when there's bookings, regardless of what day of the week (provided it's not one of those few rare days we are shut).

Q. How does the trail & terrains look like?

Well, we can't exactly tell in words. Suffice to say every tour has a variety of terrains. We suggest you look at our photos on FB MotoManiacKL & Instagram MotoManiacMalaysia.

Q. Can I rent a bike without a guide?


Q. Can I rent a bike for use outside your trails?


Q. How do I make a booking?

Choose your date, bike(s) and trail. Send us an enquiry via our website, an email, Facebook message, SMS, WhatsApp, telegram or call us. We will then revert with availability and send an official quote with all details spelled out. You will then need to pay a deposit 48 hours before the the tour to confirm.

Q. How far are you from KL City Center?

We are in 4 locations. Dirt bike trail & tours northern outlet is in Rawang (35km from KLCC northbound), SSV Buggy Dirt Arena also in Rawang, Dirt bike trail & tours southern outlet in Bangi (35km from KLCC southbound) & Dirt Track in Gamuda Cove near the airport (45km from KLCC southeast bound).

Q. Do you provide all the gear?

Yes, all gear are provided from helmet to boots along with all protective guards. However you do need to bring your own socks & long tees. We do not provide these due to hygienic reasons.

Q. Are meals provided & do you cater for special diets?

All packages are inclusive of breakfast & lunch. Prior to your tour we will ask for your dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free, no seafood, no nuts, etc) if any & we will cater for it. However no meals are provided for SSV Buggy Arena & Dirt Bike Track packages.

Q. Is your food 'halal'?

We do not serve pork & all meats are sourced from 'halal' certified suppliers. However, our premise is not 'halal' certified as we serve beer in our lounge.

Q. Do you provide secure parking?

Yes, there's ample parking & it's free. However we cannot take any responsibility on the safety of your vehicles as it's a public car park.

Q. What else is provided in the package?

All soft drinks & bottled water in our fridge are free for you to consume in the lounge and to bring to the trails. Just don't be cheap & take them home though. As for SSV Buggy Arena & Dirt Bike Track, drinks are not included but are for sale. We also provide fuel, locker with key, hot shower facilities with fresh towels and basic toiletries & free wifi.

Q. Can I get to & from MotoManiac using taxi/Grab?

We provide transfer options but generally you can use the above mentioned public transport. But we cannot guarantee their availability.

Q. Are there any hotels near MotoManiac?

We normally recommend SP Venture Rawang Hotel and any hotel in Bangi or Kajang areas. It's fairly new & clean. It's 800m from us & we can offer free transfers from there. Good location near amenities & shopping mall. It's about MYR120.00 a night, but it's not the Hilton!

Q. How do I make payments?

Deposits can be paid via bank transfer or PayPal. Balance on the day can be paid by cash, bank transfer & credit card. You will have to bear all third party facility & financial charges.

Q. After I've booked & paid, is there a cancellation charge?

Yes, our cancellation policy will be stated in our quotation.

Q. Do you provide insurance cover?

No. Please ensure you have sufficient coverage for yourself.

Q. Who pays for bike & gear damages?

The Waiver you would've signed puts you solely responsible for the bike & gear. If it's deemed to be your mistake, any damages to these will have to be borne by you. Having said that minor damages such as small dents & scratches are acceptable.

Q. What happens if my bike breaks down in the trails?

Our guides are mechanically trained & carry spares and basic tools. They can usually fix the bikes in the trails. In more serious cases we will send you a replacement bike. If the replacement takes place within 50% of the tour, we will refund you the difference if the bike is a downgrade. No extra charge if it's an upgrade at any point of the tour.

Q. What happens if I injured myself and can't continue the tour?

You will be rescued by our truck support team. If deemed serious you will be sent to the nearest A&E; which is approximately 7km from out outlet in Rawang, 8km from our outlet in Gamuda Cove & 10km from our outlet in Bangi.

Q. Are your guides English speakers?

Yes, while most are not natural English speakers, they are proficient enough to hold a conversation.

Q. Are your guides experienced & capable?

Our main guides are very experienced & know the trail well. They are also trained in basic repairs & first aid. They carry with them basic tools, first aid kit & tow ropes. However occasionally we do have fresh guides as second guide.

Q. Do you have action camera mounts on your helmet & bikes?

We do on some helmets but not on the bikes. You are welcome to bring your own mounts & we can help set it up.

Q. Can I get phone signals in the trails?

Depending on which trail you take you can get phone signals between 60 to 80% of the time and 100% at the track & arena.

Q. Can I or my group join other group(s) & share the guide(s)?

You can join other group(s) yes, but each group must have their own guide(s). Even if it's just 1 person we still consider that as a group & must have own guide

Q. Do you offer long excursions with overnight stays?

Yes, we offer this as custom. We have 2D1N & 3D2N tours with camping / home stays / hotels. Please contact us for your custom tour

Q. Can I book for my group & you deal with them individually for details & payments?

When you book for a group please nominate a leader (contact person) who deals with everyone in the group & then deal with us. We only deal with one person per group to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. However if you insist we treat everyone individually then we will need to send individual quotations to each & everyone in the group. But do note that none of our quotation goes out without a guide charge. In short if we deal with everyone individually each of them will have to take they own separate guide (please refer to other FAQs with regards to guides). As for the SSV Buggy Arena & Dirt Bike Track it’s not necessary to book as we accept walk-ins at those two occasions.